50th Golden Horse Awards 2013

50th Golden Horse Awards 2013

With the motto “Always do better than necessary”, Piaget continually innovates in its field, through passion and esthetics. Piaget is committed to safeguarding industry traditions all while realizing constant innovation. A long-term strategy of participating in international film and art events allows for the fusion of Piaget’s brand spirit with artistic endeavors.

Piaget has been a Premier Sponsor of the US-based Film Independent Spirit Awards since 2008, working with Film Independent to celebrate outstanding independent filmmakers. Since 2011, Piaget has been a Major Sponsor of the Hong Kong Film Awards and has helped countless movie stars dazzle on the red carpets of film festivals worldwide. By sponsoring numerous international and Asian films and hosting a large number of film premieres, Piaget strives to promote the art of filmmaking — which, like Piaget, boasts a century-long history — and is fully committed to the world of film.

This year, Piaget is honored to become the Premier Sponsor of the 50th Golden Horse Awards & Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, thereby supporting a spotlight event in the world of Asian film.
The Golden Horse Awards is the oldest awards ceremony for Chinese cinema. Launched in 1962, the awards have celebrated countless outstanding Chinese films and filmmakers, presenting 23 awards annually to Chinese-speaking and Chinese-made film entries from across the globe. With 50 years of history, the awards are the most prestigious in the world of Chinese filmmaking — earning them the reputation of the ‘Chinese Oscars’.

While the awards have always been committed to promoting Chinese cinema and culture, the 50th Golden Horse Awards mark a milestone for Chinese film.
Piaget will be at hand to record this historic chapter in Chinese cinema, allowing every stirring moment, from the red carpet to the awards ceremony, to usher in a sparkling celebration of Chinese film.

Marking half a century, this year’s Golden Horse Awards are set to dazzle. For the 50th anniversary of the awards, renowned Taiwanese director Ang Lee will chair the jury panel; Tsai Ming-liang’s latest film “Stray Dogs” has been chosen as the festival’s opening film; Johnnie To will select a recipient for the first prize of one million Taiwan dollars for the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion; and Hou Hsiao-hsien will lead the Film Academy in person. These four renowned directors will overcome all obstacles to chair the four key events of this year’s Golden Horse Awards — an unprecedented line-up reflecting the importance paid to the ceremony by the world of Chinese film. The awards' 50 shortlisted films were announced on October 1st. This year saw a record 265 entries, including 122 dramas, 101 short films, 40 documentaries and 2 full-length animated films.

While honored to become the Premier Sponsor of the 50th Golden Horse Awards, Piaget will also work with the awards organizers to present a “Piaget Annual Outstanding Award” at the Golden Horse Winners’ Banquet, with the goal of recognizing the Chinese film industry and encouraging further artistic masterpieces in the years to come.

This year, the award will go to the "Best Screenplay". Piaget aims to use the strength of the Piaget brand to encourage more outstanding screenplays in the future — because Piaget believes a good story is the basis of a good film. People yearn for more great stories, and for more great films based on such stories. With almost 140 years of history, Piaget inspires collectors with its fine, luxury products, but it is the story behind these products that is key to the success of this timeless brand.

The 50 shortlisted films will be screened at the Golden Horse Film Festival from November 8-28, while the Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will take place on November 23rd at 7:00 pm in Taipei’s Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (with the red carpet ceremony commencing at 5:30 pm). With outstanding timepieces and stunning jewelry, Piaget will let stars shine on the red carpet, while helping the Golden Horse Awards record a historic moment in a half-century of history.