WW14: Nick Cheung marvels at Piaget Watchmaking Craftsmanship at Watches and Wonders 2014

WW14: Nick Cheung marvels at Piaget Watchmaking Craftsmanship at Watches and Wonders 2014

Watches and Wonders 2014, the Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 30th September to 2nd October 2014.

A featured exhibitor, renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget delights fine watchmaking aficionados in Asia with a collection of exquisite wristwatches. Best Actor Award winner, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, is invited to Piaget’s exhibition booth to appreciate the Maison’s unique watchmaking craftsmanship. 

Alongside its commitment to producing the finest timepieces, Piaget, as a champion of creative spirit and independent thinking, has long been an avid supporter of the film and arts industry. In 2014, for the fourth consecutive year, Piaget supports the Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony as Major Sponsor of the event’s 33rd edition. The occasion gave rise to a fruitful partnership between Piaget and Nick Cheung, crowned Best Actor of the Hong Kong Film Awards. At this year’s Awards Ceremony, wearing a Piaget wristwatch, Nick Cheung won the Best Actor award for the second time.  

Nick Cheung wore Piaget’s newly launched Altiplano 38mm 900P, the thinnest mechanical watch in the world to the brand’s event at Watches and Wonders. With over half a century of heritage in virtuoso ultra-thin watchmaking, Altiplano 38mm 900P represents Piaget’s crowning achievement in the domain as it merges the hand-wound calibre with the case elements to create a single entity of a record-breaking slenderness of just 3.65 mm thin. Winner also of the Best Dressed Award at the latest Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony, Nick shared his insight in how to dress up with watches with the media. 

To help Nick Cheung fully appreciate the level of complexity behind the creation of the ultra-thin movement, Piaget invited Nick to try his hand at setting stones in the skeleton ultra-thin movement under the assistance of a master watchmaker from Geneva, an experience that highlights the excellence of the two integrated Manufactures of Piaget’s. 

As Nick Cheung talked about how he managed to keep reinventing himself and achieve success in his acting career, he was asked if he shared Piaget’s philosophy of “Always doing better than necessary.” “I am always ready for new challenges and opportunities to transform and reinvent myself. Actors are all keen to play distinctly different roles, not just to keep the sense of novelty going for the audience but also to challenge oneself. To me, in order to bring a role to life, having a convincing image is just as important as the acting skills. When I was preparing for Invincible, the Director did not oblige me to transform my physique into the one you now see in the film. For me, however, it was essential that I had the look of a legendary boxer fitting for the role. The objective was not merely to ‘buff up’ but to get an impeccably muscular silhouette. I guess this is my interpretation of always doing better than necessary.” said Nick. Fiercely perseverant and committed to excellence, Nick is connected to Piaget by his character and uncompromising professionalism, just as the brand’s devotion to innovation surpasses expectations again and again.

While persevering the heritage of watchmaking prominence, Piaget continues to seek convention defying breakthroughs and innovation. Building on the foundation and the breadth of its fully integrated expertise, Piaget is set to create more ground-breaking timepieces that convey the perfect convergence of ultra-thin watchmaking virtuoso, case construction craftsmanship, and unique design.