WW15: Carina Lau Captivated All in Piaget’s New Limelight Stella under Starry Firmament at Watches & Wonders

WW15: Carina Lau Captivated All in Piaget’s New Limelight Stella under Starry Firmament at Watches & Wonders

Watches and Wonders 2015, the Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 30th September to 3rd October 2015. A featured exhibitor, renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget continues its over-140-year history of excellence by offering Asian connoisseurs a rich array of divine horologic creations.

On this year’s Watches & Wonders, Piaget presented the international debut of the latest Limelight Stella collection. The occasion was graced by award-winning actress Ms Carina Lau, who turned out at the exhibition as the first Chinese star styled in Limelight Stella watch, stepped into Piaget booth which has decorated as a romantic space under the theme “Midnight Sky”, taking visitors on a journey into time under the starry firmament, who experienced the unparalleled watchmaking expertise claimed exclusively by the Maison.

‘It’s our honour to have Carina at Watches & Wonders for Piaget to savour the exquisite craftsmanship of our Maison. Carina and our International ambassador Jessica Chastain share the regal bearing of an accomplished woman as well as the discerning taste to choose Limelight Stella – Piaget’s first complication watch dedicated to women. Limelight Stella is the latest and dazzling addition to our exceptional run of horological creations. It looks particularly prominent on the wrist of Carina, enhancing her majestic aura to the fullest’, said Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Piaget CEO.

Carrying herself with a sophisticated and elegant bearing, Carina captures the limelight in every occasion and also shared her insights in watch styling, singing the praise of Limelight Stella for the adorable and elegant details. Clad in a Limelight Stella watch, she gave pride of place to the convergence of personality and poetic beauty as the secret to her flawless glamour. ‘Women are forever passionate about beauty. As a career woman, I strive for career aspiration as well as personal aura. In order to strike a balance between career and family, I must constantly stay in my best form. This vigilance is best described by Limelight Stella watch: the serene beauty shared between the moon and women is enhanced by the subtly complex mechanism of the complication calibre that echoes with the detailed feminine mind. Encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds, the watch embodies Piaget’s motto: ‘Always do better than necessary’ in every minute detail. A master piece in its own right, Limelight Stella pays tribute to a woman in love with freedom – the freedom to scale new heights by pushing the boundary of her own talents; the freedom to write extraordinary and emotional new chapters in the annals of time.’

Showcasing Piaget’s mastery in watchmaking combined with artistic novelty, Limelight Stella once again provides a transcendent expression of the creative freedom cherished by the Maison: While the moon has been a symbol of timeless femininity since the dawn of time, Piaget expresses a new approach to this theme focusing on its aesthetic and above all its lyrical nature in a dial that will go down in the history of Haute Horlogerie.